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New Member

show dialer map (806, 12.2(7.1))


My home Cisco 806 DSL router seems to have a problem with the auto-negociated

ip address it receive from my ISP.

Though the command 'show int dialer' show

an address of, say, the

'show dialer map' command always issue a

64.x.y.z address mapped to dialer 1.

When the DSL modem is closed, this

mapping also disapear. When the DSL modem

is powered back, the same mapping


Where is a "no dialer map" could be applied to clear this static "dynamic"

attachement ? ( the show run command do

not display any map of this kind anywhere

on any interfaces of my 806).


Re: show dialer map (806, 12.2(7.1))

The dialer map with the 64.x.x.x address is created dynamically and cannot be removed. The 64.x.x.x address represents the next hop address.

Hope this helps. If so, please rate the post.


New Member

Re: show dialer map (806, 12.2(7.1))

thanks Brandon,

My bug is very hard to fix. When I receive

some addresses on Dialer 1, I can access the

Web no problem. When I receive some other

adresses (on the Dialer ip is auto negociated)

there is no way I can access the Web. And

the 'no access' behaviour changes upon the

address I receive. I suspect my ISP DHCP

server giving wrong parameters, but since my debug command works badly or not at all, I

cannot exactly see what are the DHCP Options

received else than the Dialer IP/32 address.

Is there a show command to see these dynamic

parameters (DNS and the like) on the Dialer ?

64.x.x.x = Ok

65.x.x.x = Ok

67.x.x.x = Ok

70.48.x.x = Ok

70.53.x.x = no Web

74.x.x.x = no web

Re: show dialer map (806, 12.2(7.1))

You can see the interface address with the "show interface dialer1" command and the next hop address with the "show dialer maps" command. In this scenario, the router is not pulling other options like DNS, etc. I assume your router acts as a DHCP server and hands out addresses and DNS info to the LAN. When you have trouble accessing the internet, can you ping an IP address on the internet? Just wondering if it is a DNS problem.


New Member

Re: show dialer map (806, 12.2(7.1))

The 806 NAT gives the addresses inside.

When I get a "wrong" IP address from the

ISP DHCP server, I cannot ping an external IP

address, only the inside ones.

Re: show dialer map (806, 12.2(7.1))

I would recommend checking with your ISP. Could be an issue with mac address association or another issue with their server.


New Member

Re: show dialer map (806, 12.2(7.1))


I would be the third time I try and I have not

found someone at Bell who could cope with

this. The last time I was more than 2 hours

on the phone, the time before a cable guy

test the signal at the entry of my home and

it was 100% OK.

As long as I cannot see the debug info, I am

in some fog ! I think this is the main bug

to resolve, after, I will have an exact idea

of what is happening during the connection.

Thanks again Brandon