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New Member

Signature Location

Is there a file that contains all the signature info on 4.x that would compare to packetd.conf on 3.x???

Looking for a printable version on each sensor.

Cisco Employee

Re: Signature Location

The answer is yes, but it is an XML documet that is quite large. The file is located in /usr/cids/idsRoot/etc/VS-Config and is called virtualSensor.xml. All of the information you are looking for is in this file and more. You can skip down to the part of the file that is delineated with the tag.

New Member

Re: Signature Location

What do you recommend using to read this document???

Cisco Employee

Re: Signature Location

You would either need to purchase or download a free XML parser from somewhere on the Internet; or use the CLI of the IDS sensor itself.

In the CLI of the sensor you can enter the following commands:

configure terminal

service virtual-sensor-configuration virtualSensor


show settings

The above "show settings" command will parse that file and show it to you in a readable format.

NOTE: If you are only interested in certain lines like the AlarmSeverity then you can use the include option to limit what is shown (separate the keywords you want to see by a "|"):

"show settings | include SIGID|AlarmSeverity"

NOTE2: Also the "show settings" command is available in other sub-modes as well. So you can enter the other sub-modes like ATOMIC.ICMP to limit your output to just alarms in the ATOMIC.ICMP engine.

Many users are just interested in the changes that they have made from the default configuration.

To see just the changes you can just type "show configuration". It will parse through the signature file as well as the other configuration files on the sensor and just show you what is different from the default configuration.

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