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New Member

Signature tuning in 4.0

It is very time consuming to locate the particular signature in v4.0 using

Configuration->Sensing Engine->Virtual Sensor Configuration->Signature Configuration Mode..

Page by page is not the best way to navigate.

Is anyway to enter the enter the specific sig. # to edit or have the same navigation as in v3.x using signature ranges for every page?

Cisco Employee

Re: Signature tuning in 4.0

The signature range information (as it was in 3.1) will be included in the next CIDS release (4.1) to make it easier to locate signatures.

New Member

Re: Signature tuning in 4.0

Thanks a lot,

is ETA available for 4.1?

Another pain with 4.0 - it takes 2-3 mins for me to open "Signature Configuration Mode" on loaded sensor.

Plus I can't disable more then one signature at them time. I have the following message during the attempt to Save Changes:

Update failed [Invalid configuration. Restarting the Virtual Sensor .... This may take some time .... ]

I need to logout and login back to disable another signature.

IDS version 4.0.2S43.

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