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Simultaneous VPN Client connections

I have VPN Client v as the current VPN corporate software. All VPN clients are configured to use the default IPSec over UDP instead of TCP. I found that I cannot run more than one simultaneous VPN connection from PCs that are located in the same office. That is say I have a small office with 2 PCs connected to a non-Cisco (Netgear, D-Link) router directly into the Internet. In this situation, only one PC can VPN in at a time. I also found that the Cisco 806 does exactly the same thing but things work fine on a Cisco 837 router. THanks in advance for your suggestion.


Re: Simultaneous VPN Client connections


make sure you enable features called something like "VPN passthrough" on your low end routers (Netgear, D-Link), which should allow you more than one tunnel. This also might depend on firmware in those routers (I had a Netgear once, who could only support one VPN tunnel, but with a firmware upgrade suddenly supported two concurrent tunnels).

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Re: Simultaneous VPN Client connections

Unfortunately I could not find such "VPN passthrough" feature as mentioned so I ended up obtaining a second public address. The ISP was kindly enough to give me a /30 subnet so I configured static NAT for my 2nd PC that was needed to run the Cisco VPN Client. I wonder if this problem would haev occured if I had use TCP port 10000 instead of UDP or not?

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