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SIP through PIX

I am having a problem with my PIX firewall. I can use an IP service on the outside of the firewall with no problem. When I connect my device behind my firewall I get incoming calls just fine. Outbound calls will ring the other side and I get a 100 proceeding message. When the other party picks up, there is no audio in either direction. My internal phone still shows 100 proceeding message.

I am using a Cisco PIX with the latest version of IOS. I get the same results regardless of the service I am using (ie:level3, Sip Center, FWD, Windows Messenger) so I know it is not a problem with any service. If you could offer any help or suggestions, I would really appreciate it.


Cisco Employee

Re: SIP through PIX

There's a number of H323/SIP bugs even in latest PIX code. For any voice-through-a-pix problem I'll always suggest you open a TAC case and get them to provide you with the latest interim release of 6.2(2) code, currently I think it's up to 6.2(2.135).

I'm always hesitant to blindly suggest code upgrades, EXCEPT where voice and a PIX is concerned, I have seen too many problems resolved in later interim images to even bother trouble-shooting it with 6.2(2) code (any developer will also tell you to upgrade to the latest before they look at the problem).

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Re: SIP through PIX

Thanks for your suggestion. I will contact TAC. I am getting intermittent problem so I guessing your right!

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