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Site-to-Site and Remote VPN

I have a project involving a VPN and I am not sure how it should be done.

- 2 Remote offices

- one using a 1605 using NAT on an ISDN grade line

- other to soon to purchase a DSL line

- Roaming users from the remote offices

- Citrix Metaframe server to be hosted at an ASP

The two offices need to be able to connect to the Citrix MetaFrame while in the office or roaming in the field. All data and programs are stored on the servers at the ASP and the two offices do not need to be directly connected. Both offices need to be able to browse the internet and connect to the MetaFrame through the same connection to the internet.

I was considering putting in a 3005 concentrator at the ASP and using the 3005 client on the user machines to make a VPN whether they are in the office or roaming on a dial-up (ATT).

Is this the correct way to design this network or should I be doing something else?

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Re: Site-to-Site and Remote VPN

While I was reading your description I was thinking 3005 with client. Then you hit the nail on the head. That’s definitely the way I’d go with the information you provided.

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Re: Site-to-Site and Remote VPN

How much of the general dialup services out there will support the ports needed for the 3005 client? I am concerned with a lack of support on a public network.

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