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Site to Site packet loss

My main office is using an ASA 5510 running version 7.2 (2). One of the Remote office's is running a Pix 506E version 6.3 (5)

I'm expecericing a dropped connection between the 2 locations about 2 twice an hour for only a second or two.

Data pipes are not an issue at all. I've talked to Cisco and they are claiming the updating to the 5510 to version 7.2 (2) solves the large file timeout issue. not sure what the classify as a large file. I currently have 3 users at the remote site. I cached their email locally.

I updated the 5510 and I'm still expierncing the problem.

This is a link to the bug they believe I have

Has anyone else expierenced this and what did you for a work around.


Re: Site to Site packet loss

I used to get dropped connections when i used to file sharing. So i have started using FTP instead for large files in my case files as large as 1GB.

Try FTP it might solve your problem.



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Re: Site to Site packet loss


The dropped connection is between the inside hosts not the VPN right?

You might want to do a sniffer trace to see where the reset is coming from. And ofcourse the FTP is a good option. You might also want to run a ping test using the following command :

ping -l 1500 -f

You should see something like :

Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set.

Try lowering the packet size with a gap of 100 bytes e.g. from 1550 to 1400 and keep lowering it until you start getting the replies. Once you start getting the replies, configure the following command on both the devices :

sysopt connection tcpmss


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