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Site to Site PIX VPN with remote client VPN on 2nd pix

Currently have both site-site and remote client VPN's off of one pix. Works fine for access to inside systems. Since PIX is not a router remote vpn clients can not access systems hanging off the remote side of the site-site VPN.

Quseiton is if I got a second pix and moved the site-site connections to it would the vpn client users have full connectivity to the remote systems off of the site-site vpn.

real brain teaser?


Re: Site to Site PIX VPN with remote client VPN on 2nd pix

you could do that. there is a posted cisco config for using a 515 or higher (for the 3+ interfaces), and hacking a config where you have the different tunnels terminating on different interfaces as a workaround.

allegedly, this will be fixed in pix os 7.0, which is supposed to be a major revision, so I would not hold my breath for it.

depending on your situation, you could think about doing that, or configuring the remote pix to accept connections too, and telling your users to connect to different pixes as needed, or, just hope and wait for pix os 7

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