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site to site using SDM (2nd router not directly on the net)

I tried to create a site to site vpn using SDM on 2 cisco 851W , i have no prior experience with cisco routers or pretty much anything networking related so going with the GUI tools seemed like the right path.

Both routers are behind a modem , one of them is directly connected to the net (it's wan port ip is my internet ip) while the 2nd one is behind a router modem on wich you can't disable routing (& that holds the ip). In each case the cisco router handles the dhcp for his itnernal network.

site 1:

modem -> routerWAN (82.X.X.X) -> router BVI1(

site 2:

modemWAN(82.X.X.X) -> modem(> routerWAN (> routerBVI( -> pcs (

what i want is a vpn that bridges both lans (192.168.1.X on site 1 and 192.168.2.X on site 2) together , i created a vpn tunnel using the quick setup site to site wizard using the settings shown in this image:">link to my setup

But as you can see i'm getting tunnel down.Am i supposed to activate the tunnel somehow? Or is it just missconfigured? I'm doing this for a friend's small company with no IT department & it really needs to work by wednesday wich is getting pretty close so any help is really apreciated.

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Re: site to site using SDM (2nd router not directly on the net)

router config files if that helps(in attachment)

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