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Site-to-site VPN between two 871 Routers?


I'm having trouble with the configuring of a site-2-site vpn between two 871 routers (actually 1 871w and one plain 871). Both have IOS 12.4(9)T (the latest).

Both are connected by cable, and have an IP of (R1) and (R2) (or something like that). At the site for R1 I want a network of, at the site of R2 a network of The tunnel should have Maybe these addresses look strange, but I have some more networks, and with this adressing I do have a nice address-space. I also need a routing-protocol, preferrably EIGRP for this network.

I tried already a few configurations, described in the O'Reilly Cookbook, O'Reilly IOS-Nutshell or with help from the SDM. In each case, I couldn't ping the Router or even a pc on the other side of the tunnel, even if the tunnel showed as 'up'.

Do someone have a working config which I can expand for my needs?

Thanx in advance!

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