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Site-to-Site VPN Equipment questions

We have a primary office (~35 users) and a single branch office (~5 users). Currently, we have a 3000 concentrator (DSL) at the primary, which the users at the branch office connect to (DSL) as clients. We also have occasional SOHO clients.

We want to place a file server in the branch office and use Win2K's DFS to make us one big happy family (files important to primary located on primary's server and vice versa). My equipment questions are as follows:

Can I do a site-to-site with the concentrator, given a new router in the branch?

Should I go with two new routers (1751 or 26??), keeping the concentrator for the SOHO's?

Should I look at a PIX solution?

My budget is limited to ~$3.0K per site for the routing equipment.

TIA, R. Robert Bell

New Member

Re: Site-to-Site VPN Equipment questions

Since you already have a 3000 at the primary site, you could terminate all your VPNs there. Make sure you have a good firewall (like the PIX) at the primary site and 1751’s at all the remote sites should be fine for 5-10 users. If you expect growth at the remote sites, then maybe the 2600 is a better option for future scalability.

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