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Site to site VPN resources

We are planning on having a site to site VPN setup

between two PIX firewalls.

Site1 has on the inside network and is the HQ. ( Head Quaters). This site contains most all the server and resources that site 2 would need access to.

Site2 has ip range of on the inside and is just mainly access resources from site 1.

Both sites have their own Domain controllers. Would

both the sites be able to share resources without any problem once we have site to site VPN between PIX firewalls setup. Is there going to be any issues as far as pinging or authentication of resources goes.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Site to site VPN resources

both sites have their own domain controllers - does this mean they each have their own domain? if so, you could set up a trust between the domains to ease authentication between the sites.

you probably will need to set up wins and dns between the sites to populate network neighborhood and allow for name resolution

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Re: Site to site VPN resources

Yes, Both have their own donmains, dns and Wins.

To setup trust they shoudl atleast be able to ping by name. I think I will be able to ping by Ip after site to site VPN but by name would be a problem. Although I i know name is dependant on WINS.

My question is to setup a trust do I have to do anything special. Ofcourse I will be checking the

Microsoft website.


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Re: Site to site VPN resources

Hi there,

There shouldn't be any special setups. If I'm interpreting your setup correctly, the vpn connection makes the 2 networks connect seamlesssly. It would just be like setting up 2 domains on 2 different subnets on your LAN, no?

So if you know how to set trusts between the 2 domains locally, then the setup should run smoothely.


BTW.. you can ping hosts by name if your wins database contains information about the hosts/ip of the opposite domain... :) That's how we do it on our network(s).

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Re: Site to site VPN resources

Thanks Man ! Thats what I thought so. It should be really straight forward as you mentioned.

Thanks !

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