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SIte to Site with VPN


I'm a bit new to cisco and want to connect two offices wich have a 24h internet connection with a cable modem.

I want to connect them together with two 1605 R wich have two ethernet ports.

Is it possible to make a vpn between the sites with these routers. The users of these sites must still be able to browse ther internet.

Please help me out.

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Re: SIte to Site with VPN

Your best bet would be to use two PIX-506 firewalls with code 5.1 or higher. They will provide security to both sites and IPSEC encryption from one site to another. As to use 1605R, you might need to research for the right IOS which supports IPSEC encryption.

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Re: SIte to Site with VPN

Yes, this is possible. You will specify the the "interesting traffic" that will be encrypted between your Site-to-Site VPN with an IOS access-list. All other traffic that does match the access-list/crypto map will be routed normally to the internet in clear text (Not Encrypted) Check out the CCO page for sample configurations which may be a help to start with.



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Re: SIte to Site with VPN

Hope you have been succesful. My first thought was that you would need static IP addresses for both sites and a QoS for the network if you wanted to create a VPN between two cable loops and run applications between the sites.

I have utilized 1605 series routers to channel traffic over an IP gateway and over a WAN. Same pipe different routes. Configured by trusty engineers they do allow traffic to be differentiated. They still need to know where they are and who they are by static IP address though.

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Re: SIte to Site with VPN

I recommend you use UBR924,it's a cable router,has 4 ethernet port,2 RJ11.It support IPsec,Docsis1.0 and 1.1 version

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