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slighlty off subject - Use of a Console Server and 3000

Does anyone use a Perle CS9000 Console Server to connect to the console port of a VPN3000? I'm able to get a login prompt for the VPN Concentrator, but when I provide the USERID, I get back a VPN3000 message indicating "Invalid username or password." I never get the password prompt, although, I can see it in my telenet session. It's like the CS9000 is sending a null/blank line to the concentrator for the password, withouth letting me enter it.

I am able to connect to the Concentrator's console port, using Hyperterm. I have the "line" configuration in the CS9000 set up similar to the hyperterm config: Term TypeVT100

9600, 8, none, 1 with Hardware for flow control.

Any Teminal server gurus out there?

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