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Slow http post / unable to post large files

We have a configuration with ASA 5520 in release 7.1.2. A Web Server on the DMZ. On the Web Server we can post file through a http connection on the Web server, in this http connection we select the file to upload from the http client to the Web Server.

The upload work for very small files, but not for files that have more than 100Kb. On the logs I don't see any errors, I just see that the Web Server IP with source port 80 build a connection to the client, and teardown after few minutes.

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help.


Re: Slow http post / unable to post large files

Depending on the web engine you are running, there is usually a parameter that is set for maximum upload size.

For PHP, find your "php.ini" file and look for that parameter.

Apache also has a similar parameter.

I've never see it, but I believe that IIS also can restrict the file upload size.

Try putting a host in the DMZ and try uploading there. If the transfer fails, then you'll know "fer sher" whether the problem is the ASA or a configuration on the web server.

Good Luck



Re: Slow http post / unable to post large files


The ASA will either pass or drop the packet. It will not queue the packet. The only reason can be "ident" protocol. You need to check two things.

1. Some http servers require that the originating client ip should have a proper record. You can do this by doing a

nslookup initiating the request.

2. Some http servers try to identify the userid of the process that initiated this request. This is called IDENT protocol. If this is the case, you should see a teardown on port 113. If you see something like this then issue the command

service resetinbound outside

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