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Slow internet access on Cisco 877 device

Hi. Our Cisco 877 router was rebooted recently. Initially, after the reboot client had no internet access at all (I didnt do the initial config and I suspect whoever did didn't save it to startup). I added the http inspect command and internet access came back. Now users are complaining that access is slow (some websites taking as long as 30 secs to open where they were instant before). Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be, I've attached our config.

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Re: Slow internet access on Cisco 877 device

Or if the config looks good (i.e. nothing in there which should cause browsing to slow down) then please let me know and I'll broaden my search.

Re: Slow internet access on Cisco 877 device

If you haven't fixed this yet, I would try to remove your ACLs and inspects from the interfaces to verify that it's not anything there. If that speeds things up, I would place just the outside ACL back on the public interface. If that works, go for the inside acl and finally the firewall. The rest of your config looks fine.



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