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SNMP support in IDS 4.1(1)


I have a Cisco IDS-4235 box in the lab. It's ruuning SW version 4.1(1). I would like to know if IDS dose support SNMP? Basically we are trying to monitor the status of IDS through SNMP interface. The things need to be monitored like System UpTime, memory usage and CPU Usage. I am not sure if we can poll these information through SNMP interface.



Cisco Employee

Re: SNMP support in IDS 4.1(1)

No supported in version 4.x.

SNMP support for monitoring system health (and sending of alerts as SNMP traps) has been documented as an enhancement request for a future version and is under consideration.

Cisco Employee

Re: SNMP support in IDS 4.1(1)

Hi Marco,

Thank you very much for your reply. As this, I will consider the option of using console command to do the health monitor.

Yes, I did find system information and memory usage information in "show version" command. Do you know what commands can I use to find the "System UpTime"

and "CPU Usage" information"?



Cisco Employee

Re: SNMP support in IDS 4.1(1)

There is not currently this output in any of the regular show commands.

But it may be available in the "show tech" output.

However, "show tech" takes quite awhile to run.

The other possible solution would be to create a "service" account and login to the sensor with that account.

When logged in with the "service" account you have access to a standard Linux Bash Shell. You can run most of the standard linux commands like ps or top.

One of the standard Linux commands will likely be able to give you this information.

NOTE: This would just be a workaround until SNMP support is added.

NOTE2: General usage of the "service" account is not recommended. The TAC may not support sensors where the "service" account has been accessed without TAC guidance, because ofthe many things that the user has access to and can mess up in the "service" account. In these situations the TAC may have you re-image the sensor before trying to troubleshoot the issue.

So if you don't mind having to re-image if you come across an issue and need TAC support then I would use the "service" account. But if you don't want to have to re-image if you need TAC support then avoid using the "service" account.

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