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Spam-tagging on Trend Micro CSC-SSM module in ASA 5520


We recently bought a ASA 5520 with an additional Trend Micro CSC-SSM module. This module is now filtering our incoming email for spam and does a pretty good job at that. But I've got a question about its workings.

In Exchange 2003 you have the option to automatically put mail that's recognized as spam in a designated 'Junk E-mail'-folder, without any manually configured rules on the client-side. Exchange does this by looking at the headers of each mail and checks for an SCL-rating, SCL standing for Spam Confidence Level. If this rating is above a value that I defined in the Exchange server, Exchange will move this mail into the users' junkmail-folder.

According to what I can find about SCL at Microsoft's knowledgebase, it's a fairly standardized method to indicate an email as apam, but in the configuration options of the Trend Micro-module I can't find anything relating to that. Also it doesn't appear that the module tags spam with an SCL-rating by default.

Do one of you know more about this SCL-rating and if there is any possibility of implementing it on our module so that it tags spam with it?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Spam-tagging on Trend Micro CSC-SSM module in ASA 5520

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