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Split Tunneling


Can you please explain me whats this split tunneling...According to my understand u can hook to ur private network and at the same time browse the internet from house....Am not getting establish a VPN session you have to connect to the Local service provider and then dial ur Firewall and connect to the corporate...wehn u are already connected to the local ISP y cant u browse the internet ??? please enlighten me on this




Re: Split Tunneling

Let's say you have 2 sites. Site A and Site B. Site B has a devce that site a does a VPN tunnel into. You can configure the VPN device at site b to do one of two things. If you want everything from site a going through the VPN tunnel to site b this is called "Tunnel Everything" Even when site A pulls a web page the request would go through the tunnel to site b and out of site b's default gateway. Split tunneling is where you allow the VPN tunnel from site a to site b but you can still get out to the Internet through the service at site a so this means your web pages are coming through site a and not site b. A lillte long winded but I hope this helps

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