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Splitt tunneling ?

Can you access the lokal lan with the nic and at the same time access a remote lan via a modem?

When i trie this , the client is accessing the remote lan via vpn (modem) but it also disconnects the lan via the NIC.

Iam using a vpn koncentrator 3005 and the latest client 2.5.2.

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Re: Splitt tunneling ?

You might want to take a look at this link:

Hope this helps!

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Re: Splitt tunneling ?

By default, Windows's PPP Client (dialup client) change the default route to the IP address assigned from the PPP server. You can see this in the DOS windows by typing route print before and after you connected to the remote network. You can change this behavior by

1. Goto the Dialup Networking Windows -> YourConnection properties -> TCP/IP setting and and deselect the "Use Default Gateway on Remote Network"

2. Use winipcfg (windows9x) or ipconfig /all |more on NT to find the assigned IP on PPP adapter

3. GO to DOS windows and add the route to your remote network pointing to the assigned IP address as gateway.

The bad thing about this is you have to add the route everytime you connected to remote LAN because the assigned IP address is usually different everytime you dial in, unless they(Net Admin) can preserve the dialup IP address for you. Then you can build a script/batch file to take care of the reoute change.

GoodLuck !

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