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ssh client

To manage pix 506 from outside, I looked on the internet at this link and configured the pix for ssh using following commandsAdd SSH using the following commands:

hostname goss-d3-pix515b


ca gen rsa key 1024

!-- Caution: The RSA key will not be saved without the CA SAVE ALL command.

!--- The write mem command will not save it! In addition,if the PIX has undergone a write erase

!--- or has been replaced, then cutting and pasting the old configuration does not generate the key.

!--- You must re-enter the ca gen rsa key command.

ssh inside

ssh timeout 60

aaa authen ssh console AuthOutbound

logging trap debug

logging console debug

I had donwloaded the evaluation copy of ssh client software ver 3.2 for workstation, now I had assigned my laptop on which ssh client software is installed ip address of my default gateway and was able to ping from pix to laptop and from laptop to pix, but when I initiated the terminal connection from ssh software it says unable to connect.

I used port 22 which is default and username pix, authentication public key but nothing works.

Can someone guide me on this.


Sayeed Alhajri.

Cisco Employee

Re: ssh client

My take is that you probably don't have AAA configured on the PIX, and since you have configured SSH to be authenticated via a AAA server, it is failing. As you also mentioned, you are trying to use username 'PIX' which is local to PIX and not on any AAA server.

Change your configuring without AAA i.e. using local PIX username & password (as you were trying earlier)



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Re: ssh client

Thanks for ur info Yousuf, I did it, and it is working.

This is second time, I learned something from u.

My regards, to MASTER, anyone u learn from becomes ur master.

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