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ssh from IOS to another ssh device

Trying to figure out if a router/6509 L3 running ssh image can ssh to another cisco/catayst device or even another third party ssh enable device. on my 6509, I already generate the rsa key, I tried to ssh to my other 6509 ( also with rsa keys generated ) . on the receiving 6509 , I have already configured

line vty 0 4

password xxx

transport input telnet ssh

transport output telnet ssh

then on the other end. i did a

ssh -v 2 -c 3des

I get a password prompt, but it's not my enable secret passord or my line vty switch is running tacacs and does autheticate via my ACS server first... What is the password prompt coming from ??

if I do it from a putty client, I have no issues...



Re: ssh from IOS to another ssh device

Did you try specifying the user id with the "-l" option

ssh -v 2 -c 3des -l user1

Re: ssh from IOS to another ssh device

You need to specify the login name - otherwise the ssh session will send the username that you logged into the switch you are jumping from.

ssh -l <> <>


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Re: ssh from IOS to another ssh device

thanks for the responses, that -l option helped.

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