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ssh not working

I am setting up ssh on my 871 router and I get prompted for only a password.  I have typed in the correct password and it doesnt let me in.  I also have telnet enabled and with telnet I do get prompted for both username and password and I am able to login.

I would like to setup ssh so that it used the local username and password. This is what my vty has.

line vty 0 4

access-class 23 in

privilege level 15


transport input telnet ssh

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ssh not working


Perhaps the first thing is to confirm that SSH is enabled. So can you post the output of show ip ssh

Assuming that the previous item confirms that SSH is enabled and running then the next question may be to ask how you are invoking SSH. What platform are you on when you attempt SSH, and how is SSH started?

I have had the experience from some platforms (especially Cisco routers or switches) that if I am in a session for which they have authenticated me, that if I use the SSH command to initiate a SSH session to some other device that it starts SSH and passes my current user ID to the new device. Is it possible that the user ID on your current device is not a valid user ID on the device where you are trying to DDH?



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