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SSL VPN Client Error

I setup a Cisco ASA 5510 SSL VPN with the folowing;

IOS 7.2

SSL VPN CLient sslclient-win-

Out of 400 users, there is one user having problem installing the SSL Client to his laptop. The user laptop information is;

IBM Thinkpad T40

Windows XP SP 2

Internet Explorer 7

All patches up-to-date

All drivers up-to-date

SSL VPN Client connection process;

- User login with valid account and password

- The SSL VPN Client package will automatically download and installed.

- User will then be connected to SSL VPN


1. GUI (Cisco SSL VPN Client installation process)

"The SSL VPN Client driver has Encountered an Error"

2. Event Viewer

The only error in this user event viewer that differs from other users who successfully connected are;


Function: EnableVA

Return code: 0

File: e:\temp\build\workspace\SSLClient\Agent\VAMgr.cpp

Line: 310

Description: unknown


Function: EnableVA

Return code: 0xFE080007

File: e:\temp\build\workspace\SSLClient\Agent\VpnMgr.cpp

Line: 1145


Anyone know what thus the error means?

BTW, anyone know the link to SSL VPN knowledgebase. i.e errors, root cause, solutions?



Re: SSL VPN Client Error

The Cisco SVC provides end users running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 with the benefits of a Cisco IPSec VPN client without the administrative overhead required to install and configure an IPSec client. It supports applications and functions unavailable to a standard WebVPN connection.

Community Member

Re: SSL VPN Client Error

It's trouble with SSL VPN Virtual adapter initialization (VAMGR_ERROR_ENABLE_VA_FAILED), over incorrect instalation. Deinstal "SSL VPN Client" (Add/Remove Programm), and try connection again.

It is important:

1. Pop-Up's ok in IE

2. ASA's IP address added in trusted site list

3. ASA's certificate is trusted

4. User must be a member of local administrative group

Community Member

Re: SSL VPN Client Error

I have the same error using either FireFox or IE7, and so does my boss. I use an IBM Z60t laptop while she uses a Dell laptop. From my old Toshiba laptop, it works just fine. The Toshiba and the IBM are running on a wireless network at home, so it seems like it's not the wireless network, but I'd like to hear what someone who knows more would say....

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