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SSL VPN Full Tunnel - Not Reliable

We have been trying to deploy SSL VPN on a 3825 router running 12.4.20T2 with Anyconnect V2.2.0140. It works normally for a few days, then begins to fail in different ways. First, the users do not get the login screen from the Web access. This can be reset by stopping and starting the service. However, now I get fully connected and in a single session, sometimes I can access network resources and sometimes I can't (comes and goes to various parts of the network). I know if I reboot the router, everything will be fine for a few days. I also run Client VPN on this same router and it is very stable. Whenever I call TAC, the first question I get is "Do you have an ASA that you can run SSL VPN on?", and everytime I ask if they know something about the reliability of SSL VPN on IOS. They always say "it should work".

I guess what I am asking is, are there known reliability issues with full tunnel SSL VPN on IOS? Or, if anyone else has seen these kinds of problems and found solutions? Thanks!

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