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standby pix crashes frequently after creating vpn to netscreen 5XT

Hi, we recently set up a l2l vpn between a pix 515e running 7.0(5) and a netscreen 5XT. The standy pix reports attempts to send an IKE packet from standby unit, it is now crashing 3 -4 times a day, I feel the 2 issues must be related but am at a loss to find out why, nothing else shows in the logs, has anyone else experienced this behaviour?

BTW the vpn itself is working fine.

New Member

Re: standby pix crashes frequently after creating vpn to netscre

I had a problem with a Pix 515e VPN to a Netscreen but it was related to a bug in the version of the Pix software we were running. We ended up loading a Pix interim release and that took care of it.

It's been a while but if I remember correctly the issue caused dropped packets on the VPN and had to do with the HTTP(s) inspection. That's probably not related to your issue though.

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