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Starting a Secure Network


What would be the "minimun" requirements to develop a "nice" secure network with a PIX Firewall. For ex. A PIX with a module X and this and that,... etc, etc....



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Re: Starting a Secure Network

The PIX comes in a number of models, right form the baseline 506(about a 1000 dollars...yippie!!!!) to the top of the line 535. You need to choose one based on the size of your network. All PIX firewalls, regardless of the model, come with atleast 2 ethernet ports and are sufficient for designs in which the networks is broken into two, the protected and the unprotected parts. For designs in which the network is broken into more than 2 parts (such as the case where you need a partially protected interface to host your servers), you would need to have additional ethernet interfaces. For that you need atleast a 515 with an Unrestricted licence. Also, remember, a good design requires a PIX-router pair. The router in the pair again is choosen based on the PIX's capabilities. If you are planning to go in for VPN, you mightl need the vpn encryption card to enance performance. The setup is pretty simple. You could refer to the PIX support page at > Technical support > Hardware Support > Security and VPN > PIX 500 Series Firewalls.

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