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Starting FO Bundle


Does anyone knows or already experienced, start a failover pix 525 when it have never ever seen the unrestricted one (PIX) before? Is that possible? I'm asking that, because we got delay on our order and a project with severall milestones, and for an interim solution, we need that deployed before the unrestricted arrives.

Does anyone give me some help?



Re: Starting FO Bundle

I'm not sure I got your query right? If you want to know if it is possible to deploy a PIX with a restricted licence in a failover pair with another PIX with an unrestricted licence, the answer is that this is not possible. Two PIX firewalls which are to be deployed in a failover pair need to be identical. They need to be the same model, have same number of interfaces, have the same PIXOS running on it and have the same licence. If on the other hand you need to know if it is possible to deploy failover without having the required licence, that is not possible either. It is the licence that unlocks the feature for use.

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Re: Starting FO Bundle

So what exactly I need is:

Now, at this moment, I just have the FailOver PIX. I have no conditions to start it without back connected to that one running with Unrestricted licence thru the failover cable? Is that rigth? Is it a physical or logical limitation?

Thanks again your patient/attention.

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