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Static PAT issue with PIX

A client has asked me to configure PAT on their PIX to forward 3389, 80, 443, and lotusnotes ports to an internal IP. I have done this same configuration on other boxes approx 150 times with no issues but for some reason this one is killing me. Can anyone verify my config to make sure I'm not being dumb?

I can ping the internal IP of

I can ping the gateway IP of XXX.XXX.240.254

When I attempt to RDP or http from outside and I run a 'sh xlate' on the PIX I see the global PAT for each created and in-use.

When I RDP, http, etc. from a server inside to the address I have no issues.

Please see the attached config.

The only things I can come up with would be that the ISP is blocking these services for some reason or that there is a device inside of the PIX blocking them.

Thanks in advance!!


Re: Static PAT issue with PIX

The config port forwarding and acl looks fine to me, either host has a firewall of its own blocking traffic or perhaps those wwww,443, lotusnotes tcp services are not running on the server, can you confirm this is not the case?

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Re: Static PAT issue with PIX

Thanks...for the confirmation...ended up being the gateway on the server.

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