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Strange VPN Performance - PIX-506E, VPN Client 3.5.1(B)

I did some VPN speed tests and found big differences when using different transfer methods for upload/download (comparing ftp, smtp/pop and explorer drag/drop).

I have a home cable modem (best speed around 400 kbit/sec).

FTP transfer of 30 Mb file:


Upload Home->PIX->Server - 588 seconds

Download Server->PIX->Home - 83 seconds

Explorer Drag/Drop of 30 Mb file:


Upload Home->PIX->Server - 900 seconds

Download Server->PIX->Home - 900 seconds

I have not tested yet, but SMTP/POP seems even slower.

Config Details:

- PIX-506E does PAT to a single static IP

- IPSEC with a split-tunnel configuration

- Currently using DES (plans for 3DES???)

- Windows 2000 clients, using VPN Client 3.5.1(B)

- OS 6.1(3)

- I am able to authenticate (W2K IAS/RADIUS) and connect to the internal LAN okay (I can browse the NN, access shares, ping etc) with some initial delays

- DNS and WINS work well

- I am the only user using the internal LAN/VPN and did tests under low traffic conditions

- My home client is behind a DLink gateway (IPSEC pass-thru) although I have tested without this without much difference...

Anyone have any ideas why there is such a high dependence on direction and transfer methods?

I still plan to create a totally seperate LAN on the outside to test more precisely (ie remove my ISP from the loop).



Re: Strange VPN Performance - PIX-506E, VPN Client 3.5.1(B)

I know my cable provider rate limits the uploads (I think to 128k so I can’t have a busy web/ftp on my residential connection eating up all the bandwidth.) I’ve never tested different transfer methods but I know it’s very slow with ftp even shuffling the port and using PASV mode. I’m betting your SP is doing something similar to mine.

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