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Symantec Raptor Authenticating against ACS RADIUS

I am running ACS 3.0 build 40 on NT SP6; Raptor 6.5 on NT SP6

I am having a problem with raptor authenticating against multiple RADIUS servers. When I configure raptor to use one RADIUS server everything works ok. As soon as I configure raptor to use a second ACS server all authentication fails!

If I do a network trace I see raptor send the request to the RADIUS server. Then all I see is an access-reject paacket sent back to the firewall. RADIUS doesn't even query the NT domain I have configured for external auth.

I wondering, could raptor be munging the radius access-request packet to a point where RADIUS just automatically rejects it? I have examined the packets and the only difference between a working packet and a packet that fails is the Request authenticator and the user password fields. Is there a utility to decrypt the user password field to see if raptor is sending the correct info?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Symantec Raptor Authenticating against ACS RADIUS

Since there has been no response to your post, it appears to be either too complex or too rare an issue for other forum members to assist you. If you don't get a suitable response to your post, you may wish to review our resources at the online Technical Assistance Center ( or speak with a TAC engineer. You can open a TAC case online at

If anyone else in the forum has some advice, please reply to this thread.

Thank you for posting.

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