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System drive access from VPN client

Hello everybody,

I have run into a problem on my network that I am hoping someone else has run into before as well.

My network is fairly simple: I have a Cisco 1841 acting as VPN server for remote access. This router also maintains 3 static IPSec tunnels to other office locations. One of those locations has a Windows server that VPN clients will need access to.

I have verified that I am able to ping and access this server from within any of the linked offices. However, remote clients that connect via the Cisco VPN client (ver 5.0.02) are unable to do so. These remote clients are able to PING the system (~100ms response time) but get an error when trying to connect. These same clients are able to successfully connect to a NAS device that I have here in my office though.

Any ideas what might be preventing the connections? Thanks very much!

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Re: System drive access from VPN client

Is the NAS connected to the same subnet as the windows server? what protocol VPN clients using when connecting to the windows sever? Could you post the config of your 1841?

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