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TAC interview

I have a 2nd interview scheduled for a TAC position in San Jose and was wondering if anyone might know what to expect. All I know is that it's in the intrusion detection/firewall group but unfortunately I don't have a security background. I do have my CCNA as of May 2007 but I'm not sure what type of questions will be asked. It's going to be quite technical but I don't even know where to begin studying. Any suggestions?


Re: TAC interview

Hi Robert,

Congratulations on being given a 2nd interview with TAC! You must be doing something right or they wouldn't have had you return.

As for the interview, my friends have told me it is rigorous and very technical. They do this to see how well you will react under pressure and how you handle situations where you might not be a subject matter expert.

Nobody can tell you what they will ask or how to fully prepare because every situation is different. Just get a good nights rest and be confident when you are talking about yourself and your goals in the networking industry.

Hope it goes well for you.



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Re: TAC interview

Bummer I missed your post :( I didn't pass the 2nd interview. I didn't realize what they were doing until half way through. They bombarded me right off the bat and I got nervous and fumbled over questions I should have answered correctly. I've spent the past 11 years in technical support, the last 1.5 years in network so I'm used to the angry customer. I should have known better. I studied for 8 hrs before hand too. I won't give up though :) Thanks for your help.

Re: TAC interview

Please do not give up, a 2nd intervew meant you had cought attention, may people out there don't even get a phone call, interviews are learning curves whether it turns out to get to a 3rd/4th/5th intervew to get the job or not. In the event you did not make it you take what you think you made errors and correct them as well as strengthem technical areas .. sure it would be nice to have gotten the job with cisco but you can re-prepare again and attempt to apply for once again at a later time..

Good luck..

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Re: TAC interview

Although 95% of the time I have very good experiences using the Cisco TAC. That remaining 5% lets me know that some people figure out ways to get past the interviews with little knowledge of the subject matter. :)

I imagine the secret is having the humility and assertiveness to hunt down answer to the problems you can't figure out.

Good luck!

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Re: TAC interview

Yeah I've heard that before :) Thanks for the support..onward we mush.

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