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Take control of VPN Client

Dear All,

someone can tell me if is possible take control of the remote client connected by VPN, through application like Remote Desktop or NetSupport?

We use a VPN Concentrator and one of our customer need to take control of the client-desktop that connected by VPN.

Thanks in advance.

Maurizio Pederneschi


Re: Take control of VPN Client

Upsolutely you can , we do it all the time with our Concentrator 3005, if we need to connect to an already connected pptp client to assist we rdp to their machine using that same tunnel. Now you need to keep in mind that in order to RDP to the clients machine while that tunnel is up between the concentrator and the user's machine you will need to use the same users login credentials whatever they use at their end in order to keep the tunnel up without interruption.

I have not tried netsupport and do not know how Netsupport works but I would assume it should work as the netsuport traffic is sent through the tunnel.



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Re: Take control of VPN Client

Thanks for your answer...

Just a question: there could be some filter on the VPN concentrator that can stop RDP? The RDP request from the network to pptp client pass through the Firewall and then stop before reach the client. We have already checked that the client is listenign on the required ports.

From the log of the VPN Conc. we are not able to see any kind of attempt.

Berst regards,


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