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Telnet commands to upload configuration txt files for Cisco AP

I am working in IP validation team. We are mainly doing system testing according to Wi-Fi WPA2/WMM test plans. Now we are automating our entire system testing activity. For this, I just need one help.

We are currently using Wi-Fi configuration scripts to automatically configure Cisco AP. but for this we have to go to browse the AP's IP-->then go to system software page-->system configuration-->load configuration file.

I would like to know is it possible to use telnet to upload these configuration files directly?

I have used telnet to disable and enable radios. But i don't have any docs regarding telnet commands.

We are using the following model Cisco AP:-

Test Bed Name: CISCO

Product Name/Model: Cisco Access Point AIR-AP1231GA-K9 with AIR-RM21A 802.11a module

Software or Firmware Version: 12.3(8) JEA.




Re: Telnet commands to upload configuration txt files for Cisco


Here is what you are looking for ,

How can it help me? Some of the many tasks CatTools can perform to make your life easier include :

* Device configuration backups. Scheduled or Run Now. Any differences can be instantly e-mailed to you.

* Send CLI commands via Telnet or SSH to many devices at once.

* Change device configuration at scheduled times.

* Change all of your network device passwords in one go.

* Generate various reports such as Port, MAC, ARP and Version.

* Compare the startup and running configuration of a device.



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Re: Telnet commands to upload configuration txt files for Cisco

Ill agree with JG on this one - Kiwisoft does a nice job for me. i manage over 200+ cisco devices, so making a configuration change can be a long task.. CatTools makes that so much easier.

IF you cant (or dont want to) use CatTools, there are some "free" macro recorders that you could use. MacroExpress comes to mind. You can capture a manual telnet and upload, then configure the script to read a list of IP's from a text file, or even embed them into the script. might take some playing, but either way - CatTools or a macro, you dont have to be limited to the web-interface to program your AP's.

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Re: Telnet commands to upload configuration txt files for Cisco

Thanks a lot for all responses. I will try to use the information with our setup.

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Re: Telnet commands to upload configuration txt files for Cisco


According to our automation architecture, we can't use any other tools apart from whatever Wi-Fi provided. Wi-Fi has provided some configuration txt files to configure Cisco AP. When we require configuring AP for a particular test case, we will go Cisco page-->system software page-->system configuration-->load configuration file.

But according to our automation architecture, system should do the uploading part using telnet so that we can automate the procedure with the existing framework.

We are not interested to create commands according to Wi-Fi test plan. We want to reuse whatever scripts Wi-Fi has provided.

I have attached one configuration file so that you will get some idea about it.



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