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Telnet loses connection over VPN when idle

I have a PIX 506E and a Cisco 3002 running an IPsec tunnel. Everything is configured and the connection works fine, except... when I telnet from the remote (3002) end to the RS/6000 at the PIX end I often lose link when idle for a period of time. I am sure this has something to do with mapped sockets closing on persistant TCP connections that go idle. Anyone know of a way to prevent this? We have some people who set at the menu on the RS all day and my never hit a key. This is a problem that came out of moving from a private network to a VPN. It's not a server side timeout issue. Thanks in advance for any input!

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Re: Telnet loses connection over VPN when idle

I could only think of any keepalive issues in the tunnel. Just take a look at that.

Also I found some bug on CCO. CSCdu68124 - Intercepted connections timeout prematurely if they are idle.

Just check if this is your case

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