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telnet to a pix from outside interface

I set up a static ssh outside on my pix and when I telnet to it on port 22, it give me : SSH-1.5-Cisco-1.25

When i hit any key, it closes the connection. How do I tenet to my pix from outside?

Thanks all

Cisco Employee

Re: telnet to a pix from outside interface

You have to create key pair first. The easiest way to do this is to run the "setup" command from "conf t" and answer all the questions (just press enter on most of them if the PIX is already setup). This'll then create the key for you. Then add the "ssh 0 0 outside" command and you should be off and running.

When your SSH client asks for a username, use "pix" and then your telnet password for the password.

Keep in mind the PIX only talks SSHv1, so make sure your client is set up for that, not v2.

New Member

Re: telnet to a pix from outside interface

out of curiousity guys, if I put in

ca gen rsa key 1024

manually, will that generate the key you are talking about as well?

Thanks, just trying to understand more about everything on my PIX's.


New Member

Re: telnet to a pix from outside interface

That is correct.

Remember to save the newly created keys tp flash, or they will only exist in memory:

ca save all

Also remember that the hostname and domainname are inputs to the key creation. If you change them after creating the keys, the next time you try to connect you will be warned about it.

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