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telnet to Pix 515

Good day

i have a Pix installed in my network and it is up and running perfectly. I assigned a password for the telnet and yet can not telnet the device from the internal network.

Is there any additional command to enable telnet on it from the inside?

Also i need to telnet the device from the external network (i will assign an access list to limit the telnet user access) what can I do in here?

Thanks for your help

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Re: telnet to Pix 515


Beside passwd command you have to add the following command:

telnet x.x.x.x y.y.y.y inside

where x.x.x.x is IP address of the host from which you are telneting to pix, and y.y.y.y is network mask. inside keyword is telling pix that you are coming from inside.

To be able to telnet from outside, plain text telnet is NOT allowed. You must configure PIX as VPN gateway, then you will be able to telnet from outside (telnet from outside is only allowed through IPSec).


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Re: telnet to Pix 515

one more option for remote logging, to your pix using your outside interface is to enable ssh on your pix firewall and mention from which host u want to ssh , using the below commands. this is more secure than telnet.

ssh x.x.x.x outside

ssh timeout 60

use any ssh client to access ur pix firewall using outside ip address. for linux

ssh -l pix -c des outside_ip

(where pix is the default username and des is the encrypting algorith, enable on your pix firewall)

hope this helps u ..

Ashok Pawar H.S.

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