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Timeout sessions


I have a server connecting to another server on another site. I have created a static NAT for my server, but I have a problem that after about 2 minutes of idle time the connection is lost and I can not communicate with the other server until it opens the connection again.

I think it is the other firewall on the other site that has a PAT and a timeout on the session of about 2 minutes but their administrator claims this is untrue.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this session timeout or to proove that is not my firewall.

many thanks in advance


Re: Timeout sessions


Based on your description of the problem, I am inclined to agree that the issue is indeed on his side of the connection. The fact that the connection cannot be re-established *until* the other side re-opens the connection tells me this is not a problem on your side. Even if the connection was closed on your PIX, it would be re-opened when you tried to re-initiate the connection. Sounds like you may need to assist him in troubleshooting his side of the connection. Good luck!



Re: Timeout sessions

Ask how the remote site is providing NAT? [static, nat 0, nat/global] Is the remote site using a Pix also?

Regardless of xlate timeouts, the connection will be torn down if idle. What kind of OS and application? The best solution would be to use TCP keep-alives to prevent the session from being idle according to the firewall.

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