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tracert output : need help to troubleshoot.

Hi I am working at HP as a network engineer, I came accross a a traceroute output that was hard to conclude, when the traceroute command was used to a destination host(as server), the last lines from the output is pasted below hop 11 and 12

9 ( [AS 71] 240 msec 348 msec 232 msec

10 ( [AS 71] 236 msec 240 msec 236 msec

11 ( [AS 71] 236 msec 248 msec 248 msec

12 ( [AS 71] 236 msec 240 msec 240 msec


Re: tracert output : need help to troubleshoot.


Is the server connected via two links ? hows the connectvity between the server and the device to which the server is interfaced/connected ..


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Re: tracert output : need help to troubleshoot.

Hi Prem

Not sure how this is connected to the network, as I am not able to login to the network devices, due to some security restrictions. Assuming this server to be connected to two different network devices, are you trying to narrow this to a routing issue ?... I would not able to retrive any more detais on the network or server end. I used a packet sniffer and on analysing found that at 11th hop the ttl is 244 and on the ICMP (Ping) Reply the ttl is 116. Can we conclude the any possible issues with this detail.

Please let me know, your views on this.

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