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Trouble-Shooting VPN Connection


I have installed a VPN Concentrator behind a router. I have set all the configurations needed for the VPN Concentrator (Private & Public IP, Gateway, User Group, User ID, Internal Authentication, Internal Pool, etc) and installed the VPN client as well.

As I am using the Dial-Up function (dial-up works), it cannot establish the VPN link with the message that the VPN CLient disconnect the connection because the host did not response.

I looked through the installation setup and followed all that is to be prepared. May I know what else can I check to get the VPN client to establish the connection to the VPN concentrator?

p/s: The router's default gateway is pointing to the Firewall public IP where the firewall is sitting 'beside' the VPN, not after or before. Their public IP addresses share the same subnet as the connection to the LAN IP of the Internet router.


Re: Trouble-Shooting VPN Connection

Try pinging the remote gateway before initiating the client. If that works, but the vpn tunnel is not getting established, you might be running into a configuration error. We specified a transform set with aes-128 on the concentrator, which is not supported by the client. I remember reading that des with sha as an isakmp policy is another option that is not supported on the newer versions of the client. See if you have configured isakmp policies and ipsec transform sets which are acceptable to the client.

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Re: Trouble-Shooting VPN Connection


Thanks very much for looking into this. Yesterday, I tried rebooting without the saved config and started the quick config. Running thru the basic setups, I was able to establish the VPN connection.

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