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Tuning the autoupdate portion of CSM

Hi all,

We just got 3 IDSMs working (IDSM-2 in 6509s) and have their signatures being managed by a policy in CSM. I'm trying to get the auto-update portion of CSM working now. I can automatically download the files just fine and have it configured to do just that. However, I do have 2 questions;

1) Is there any way to change the location of the "repository" of the downloaded files? The server I installed this on was configured with a 20G C: drive and an 80G D: drive. I was unsuccessful in getting CSM installed on the D: drive and installed it on C: just to get it up and going. At 100+M per update for some of these updates it won't take long before the C: drive starts to get full.

2) Is there some way to limit what updates I get? All we have are IDSM-2 systems but the autoupdate is getting the files for PIX, ASA, AIM, etc. type hardware which is totally unneccessary for us at this point in time.

TIA for any advice.

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