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Tunnel stop responding

Hi All,

I have a weird problem here. I am doing the tunneling on 837 and 2621. I used gre ip mode. but after sometimes the tunnel stops responding I can't ping the tunnel ip address interface from 837 to 2600 or 2621.then I changed the tunnel mode to be ipip mode then I can ping. But then the same problem happened again...I have to change another mode which is gre ip mode then I can ping and it happened i have to do the same thing to make it works.Any idea what went wrong ?

Here are the configs

On 2600 (IOS version 12.2.17a/C2600-IK9S-M)

Interface Tunnel1

ip address

tun source x.x.x.x

tun destination y.y.y.y

tunnel key xxxxxxxxx

On 837 (IOS 12.3.2T1/C837-K903SY6-M)

Interface Tunnel1

ip address

tun source dialer1 ---> which is y.y.y.y

tun destination x.x.x.x

tunnel key 731


Re: Tunnel stop responding

A couple of quick check-lists before going ahead with configurations :

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Re: Tunnel stop responding

Hi Susanto,

I am having exactly the same problem. I have two plain GRE tuneels created from 1721 to 2 7206 routers. The tunnels stop passing traffic and i am not able to ping the remote site. No error messages nothing. Do you get any solutions on this problem?

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