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Unable to install VPN Client 3.6.1, Install DNE failed

I'm trying to install the VPN client software (vpnclient-win-msi-3.6.1.Rel-k9.exe)on a clean installation of Windows XP SP1.

The installation fails when attempting to install the DNE services.. Failure code -2146500093.

The IS version will install the software, but fails to run, because of a subsystem error (DNE service unavailable.)

Yes, I have disabled IPSec and ICS services. Any other suggestions??


New Member

Re: Unable to install VPN Client 3.6.1, Install DNE failed

If you have tried to install it first with the MSI you probably have to remove it "by hand"... There is a documentation online how to remove the Client manually.

I had the same situation on XP, after removing the MSI Setup and using the Installshield version everything was fine. Hope this does help ...

Boris Bertelsons / CSS1, CCIE #6373

New Member

Re: Unable to install VPN Client 3.6.1, Install DNE failed

Yepp, I tried that. But the problem remains.. I think this is relevant to ServicePack 1.

New Member

Re: Unable to install VPN Client 3.6.1, Install DNE failed


I had similar problems with XP 1, although with client 3.6.3. This is what I found, but your mileage may vary.

The problem seems to lie in the following registry key (folder):


On a reinstall or uninstall, that key folder is left, but the values are changed and, oddly enough, you cannot delete or edit the key or its folders via RegEdit. It would appear the key gets totally munged somehow in the process.

If you go to or some other shareware repository you can search on "registry" and come up with any number of utilities for restoring your Registry to a previous copy. The one I picked allowed me to restore the registry to the way it was just previous to installing the client.

Once I had the registry restored I reinstalled the software and it worked flawlessly. The visual difference was this:

1) Hardware Installation Warning for Unsigned Drivers - if you see this and have to hit continue a few times, it will work.

2) If you don't see it, your installation is corrupted.


New Member

Re: Unable to install VPN Client 3.6.1, Install DNE failed

Actually, I solved the problem.

The first time I saw the Hardware unsigned drivers warning, I clicked on accept several times. No go. Then I reinstalled the software, but this time I had changed the systemwide setting for hardware signing to "Ignore-Install anything." The software would then install.

This was done on a clean WinXP SP1, with all current hotfixes and sec patches.

As far as I can tell, the problem is in the MSI installer package from Deterministic Networks, not Cisco. I debugged the problem using just a DNE software for Deterministic Networks. Same problem occurred.

I guess someone needs to learn to sign their hardware drivers and write correct installer packages :)

BTW, I found that using the InstallShield package let me install the software with out error, but upon use, you will see the the DNE package was not correctly installed.


New Member

Re: Unable to install VPN Client 3.6.1, Install DNE failed

I also had a similar problem on some laptops with Windows XP SP1. The Cisco VPN client 3.63 installed, but it agve errors about DNE server not being available when it started. The Cisco VPN service would not start. I opened a case with TAC and they weren't sure what was going on either.

I also noticed that I could not deleted the deterministicnetworks registry keys. The permissions on the keys looked odd too. I deleted everything that it would allow me to delete in that registry key and followed

I reinstalled several times with no luck and tried different versions and msi's and installshields.

In the end, I had to remove the Windows XP service pack 1 and reinstall the client. That took care of it. I also used an older client on my last reinstall, but I am not sure if that had anything to do with fixing it since it had not helped before. Here are the steps I went through:

Uninstall Cisco VPN client from add/remove programs


delete all Cisco VPN and Deterministive Networks entries in registry. Found in HKLM/software/cisco/VPN, HKLM/software/deterministicnetworks, HKCU/software/cisco/vpn ( I was unable to delete some of the deterministicnetworks keys due to permissions problems even as administrator. I never could get rid of the parameters section.)

Delete DNE files and others. See for full details on removal.


uninstall Windows XP Service Pack 1


reinstall Cisco VPN client 3.5.4


test VPN. It worked at this point.

Reinstall Windows XP Service Pack 1


Reinstall any other patches for Windows needed


the cisco vpn client still works

YMMV, but I hope this helps someone else having similar problems. It appears to be related to DNE and Windows XP Service Pack 1 in my case.


Josh Krueger

BCSC, Inc.


New Member

Re: Unable to install VPN Client 3.6.1, Install DNE failed

Looks like WinXP SP1 may be the key ... I followed this sequence w/o uninstalling SP1 (couldn't as I didn't store the uninstall info, no drive space) and nada. Ah well. Thanks for the assistance!


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