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Unable to ping a workstation after VPN has been installed

I have a workstation that I cannot ping once I install Cisco VPN on it. I ping the server without VPN installed and it responds fine. I install VPN and the workstation no longer pings. I stop the Cisco service and I can ping the workstation.

This is a clean install of Cisco VPN 4.0.5(D). We have the same setup on several other workstations and it works fine. I checked and it does not really have any odd software that might be causing a conflict either.

Does anyone know of some settings within VPN that might be causing this issue? Or something else that is causing this?

I will subscribe to this thread so I will respond to questions rather quickly if their is additional information needed.


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Re: Unable to ping a workstation after VPN has been installed

So I figured out the pinging problem. If you open up your VPN client..Click on Options - Stateful Firewall (Always On) <-- make sure that is disabled and you are golden.

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