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Unable to VPN into SOHO with PIX 501

SCENARIO: SOHO customer has a cable modem internet connection. They are using a PIX 501 behind the cable modem. They want the ability to VPN into PIX using VPN software client from anywhere on the internet. Pretty basic set up. I have tested this in a lab setting using a FR switch and a couple of 2500s. VPN tunnel comes right up, passing traffic just fine.

PROBLEM: The public IP address that the ISP is giving to the customer is not pingable from the internet. Even when I remove the PIX and connect a PC directly to the cable modem using that IP address, it's not pingable. ISP must be running PAT somewhere in their network to prevent any type of direct connectivity to this IP address.

Has anyone run into this type of problem, and if so, is their a workaround (besides getting another ISP!)

Thanks in Advance for any assistance with this!

Cisco Employee

Re: Unable to VPN into SOHO with PIX 501

You need a public internet address for any one on the internet to be able to reach your device. Your ISP is probably just providing you with a NAT/PAT private address. Talk to your ISP about getting a public ip address.


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