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Unix Director not receiving SNMP alarms

Unix Director is not receiving alarms from all Sensors even if all Sensors are sniffing correctly.

All was working until I moved my Director box (on a Sun Solaris 8 machine) to a new location and new IP address. I then entered the new HP OpenView password related to my IP and license.

After that, snmpCollect and netmon wouldn't work. After hours and hours of work, we had to re-install HP OpenView.

All daemons are running. I can connect to all Sensors via the ovw window (all connections established). However, no alarms or data (i.e. Have Traffic or No Traffic) pop up.

I notice that when i restart sensors the CSIDSDIR01 icon does flash red for when services are off and then goes back to green when the sensor is back up.

But that is supposed to be on the sensor icon itself is it not?

Any answers would be appreciated. I and my co worker are trying to figure the problem out and spent a lot of hours yesterday on this.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unix Director not receiving SNMP alarms

I assume that you re-ran sysconfig-sensor on the Sensors to point them at the new IP address of the Director and then pushed the Sensor configs on the Director back to the Sensors. Is this correct?

Please send me a tarball of the /usr/nr/etc directories from one of the Sensors and the Director.

New Member

Re: Unix Director not receiving SNMP alarms

Yes, I configured all sensors to point to the new IP. Also, I went to nrConfigure and pushed all the data back to the sensors.

I'm going to e-mail you the tarballs in a minute.

New Member

Re: Unix Director not receiving SNMP alarms

I tried ur email (kmichaelis) but apparently that is not the correct one. What is your correct email?

New Member

Re: Unix Director not receiving SNMP alarms

I fixed the problem. It turns out that either

1) During the reconfig of sysconfig-sensor, when I pushed the data from director to sensor, it wiped out the /usr/nr/etc/daemons entry for nr.packetd

2) During my reinstall of HP OpenView that nr.packetd entry got removed...

Now is all well.. Thanks anyway.

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