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UNIX Director stale alarm problems

Due to the 1024 limit of the HP OpenView map, the database seems to have gotten corrupted.

It is bringing back old alarms that seem to be "stuck in time" everytime I close OVW and reopen it. I deleted all the alarms and keep having to wait long periods of time for the OV window to synchronize before I delete the thousand or so alarms it shows up from 2 out of 4 sensors.

Any idea on how I can permanently remove those? They are dating from 9/19 to 9/24 and I'm sick of deleting and waiting for the database to synchronize everytime I open OVW.

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: UNIX Director stale alarm problems

When the ov database fills up the nrdirmap program will buffer the extra alarms into a /usr/nr/var/nrdirmap.buffer file. (The actual name may be a little different, but it is in the /usr/nr/var directory).

When the alarms are deleted from the database, nrdirmap will not immediately pull the buffered alarms from the buffer file.

Instead it will only read in the buffer file when ovw is stopped and restarted.

If this is causing you problems then there is a wokraround:

WARNING: Do not do not do this unless you are sure you don't want to see these alarms in the ov interface. If you are logging on the director then they should have been logged in the director log file, and you can still look at them in the log file after these steps.

When the database fills up go ahead and delete the alarms.

Stop the ovw

Go to /usr/nr/var

And delete all the nrdirmap buffer files (be sure that no ovw is still running)

Now restart ovw, and only brand new alarms should begin showing up

New Member

Re: UNIX Director stale alarm problems

What is the story with the OV limitation? I have been pulling my hair out on the error, "Warning: Application X.Y.Z has reached maximum number of alarms". I only stumbled on your conversation.


Cisco Employee

Re: UNIX Director stale alarm problems

Refer to:

The bottom of that section explains that the 1000 limit is based on number of pixels available in a map

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