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Updating the VPN client to 4.0.X

I am trying to update the Cisco VPN client across WAN links to many home office folks and home users. The way I do this is to put the client out on our private web site and allow folks to authenicate via Microsoft login and download the zipped file. I use Winzip Executable when I do this, but this time when upgrading from 3.6.1 to 4.0.4, it will uninstall the client, but never install it. Has anyone had this problem? I have not even branded it or put .pcf files in it. Now, when I do it on my local area desktop, it runs just fine. And when I just download it from Cisco and run it on my laptop (connected to the WAN link), it does exactly what I presumed it would do. I hope someone has an idea on this. Thanks Dwane


Re: Updating the VPN client to 4.0.X

It is possible that the uninstall is not taking place properly and that would cause the upgrade to fail. You will then need to manually uninstall the client as shown at

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Re: Updating the VPN client to 4.0.X

We have manually been able to reinstall the VPN client. We just wanted to attempt to make sure that the process is simple for the clients. It would be great if we could have the process uninstall the old client and reinstall the new one while leaving the .pcf files in place (unless of course, you have new ones to install). Thank you.

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