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Upgrade FWSM to version 2.3(3) or not?

Hi Sir,

I'm going to roll out a new FWSM implementation in one week's time. It's been decided to use application software version 2.3(2).

Recently maintenance version 2.3(3) is just released, on 10-OCT-2005. Is it wise to upgrade to this version?

I've checked the Release Notes of both versions. 2.3(3), in fact, has more Open Caveats compared to 2.3(2). Nevertheless, it has a long list of Resolved Caveats, but I only notice a handful of Open Caveats in 2.3(2) that are being resolved.

Please advise whether should I go with 2.3(3).

Thank you.


Lim TS

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade FWSM to version 2.3(3) or not?

2.3(3) "should" be more stable and bug-free than 2.3(2), since it only contains bug fixes over the earlier release, and no major new features. However, because it is relatively new it has not had the luxury of a large install base for us or our customers to fully verify its stability.

If it was me I would go with 2.3(3) because with the PIX and FWSM code (unfortunately unlike router IOS usually), the latest is usually the best. 2.3(2) is certainly the most stable FWSM code around, and 2.3(3) as I said, should be even better.

For the record, there's 94 bug fixes in 2.3(3) from the 2.3(2) release. A lot of these were found after 2.3(2)'s release and so would not appear in the Open Caveats section of that codes documentation.

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